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You have the chance to work in our InFutUReWood project by joining the “Timber Construction” Research Group in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Engineering and Managementt at UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The team focuses on new ways to reuse and recycle timber and engineered wood products from demolition, especially into construction products and it looks at dimensions and the quality of material that could currently be recovered and reused.

Another issue the team in Madrid will deal with : that current standards for building design and timber product manufacturing require strength grading on a basis that is not compatible with reclaimed wood.

You can help solving these problems! Some of the tasks of this 2-years position are:

– An inventory of wood materials currently used in construction, based on selected building typologies;
– A survey of demolition/deconstruction practices in Spain;
– Design of new products from demolition material;
– Development of grading criteria for recovered wood and specification requirements for products;
– Development methods of in-situ assessment and post-deconstruction grading based on ND testing;
– Design of timber structures and products to optimize end-of-life reuse.

The work will be led by Guillermo Íñiguez González.

Sounds interesting? Please check here for more details of the job announcement.



Acknowledgement: Project InFutUReWood is supported under the umbrella of ERA-NET Cofund ForestValue by Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency, Formas, Swedish Energy Agency, the Forestry Commissioners for the UK, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for Ireland, the Ministry of the Environment for Finland, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture through the Agency for Renewable Resources for Germany, the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for Spain, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport for Slovenia.

Project InFutUReWood is supported under the umbrella of ERA-NET Cofund ForestValue

ForestValue has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 773324.

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